My name is Craig.

I make apps.

Writing code is my passion.

I Write







Among others.

Some apps I've made:


  • Locates remote oil and gas well locations in Canada, the US, and Australia
  • Grabs information from a database I created containing over 2 million records
  • Saves user data to cloud for use across multiple devices
  • Retrieves location specific weather information from an API
  • Integrates a mapping framework to provide in-app mapping and turn by turn navigation
  • Subscription Model
  • View in App Store and Google Play Store


  • A speech comprehension tool for assisting communication with children with learning disabilities
  • Uses Swift's built in voice recognition libraries
  • Repeats the phrase back to the child while highlighting the word and displaying matching images
  • User can change the speech speed and voice
  • User authentication allows user to access database to store picture and word combinations
  • View in App Store

Pump Rate Calculator

  • User taps a button in time with strokes on pump to determine rate and volume
  • The first app I created in 2012
  • A simple app that filled a niche
  • My turn around on a single page app like this is a couple hours
  • View in App Store

I would love to hear about your idea or project.